Letter to the Editor: True fiscal conservatism doesn’t compromise


The left is incredibly quick to criticize those on the right for their lack of compromise. Just look back at the government shutdown in the fall of 2013 where both the Senate and the White House blamed the Republican Party for the event because they attempted to defund the Affordable Care Act during budget negotiations.

Let me remind everyone of something. True fiscal conservatism does not compromise. Unfortunately, the GOP members of the 113th Congress did just that. It is not just Congress’ fault that we still have trillion dollar deficits. Supposedly fiscally conservative voters rely just as much on government entitlements as the left does.

Financial aid for school, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and even agricultural subsidies are all government entitlements just as much as the commonly criticized welfare checks, and food stamps.

We have to stop selectively choosing what is, and what is not a government entitlement because everything the government hands us is a step away from a free market economy, and liberty.

Until we start practicing fiscal conservatism on a personal level by refusing government assistance in any manner whatsoever, we cannot expect the government to act any differently. We as citizens of the United States are a true reflection of our government, because we are the government. Refuse anything the government says it can give to you besides your constitutional rights. By doing this, you provide our representatives the opportunity to rid our country of its poor fiscal decisions.

Kyle Gregory Ford, Woodstock