Letter to the Editor: Candidate disregarded nominating process


As the chairman of the Warren County Republican Committee, I was very disappointed to receive the resignation of the candidate who was defeated by Tom Sayre in the Shenandoah District Supervisor Republican canvass.

I was even more frustrated when I learned that he is now running as an independent candidate against Tom Sayre.  In the latter half of 2014, when this candidate joined our local Republican Committee, he signed a document and pledged to support the nominees for public office in the ensuing election, whether in a mass meeting, canvass, convention or by primary.

In January 2015, I requested a meeting at the Samuels Public Library to be attended by both candidates.  The candidates were reminded of this rule and each orally agreed to support the Republican nominee if he were not successful in the Republican canvass.

I was the chairman on the committee when this now independent candidate decided to enter the Republican contest; he presented himself as someone who was adherent to our shared principles and willing to back our nominees regardless of the outcome. Come to find out this is not the case and his blatant disregard of the Republican process for nominating candidates is one that is a total disservice to all Republicans.

I encourage all Warren County Republicans and the current Republican elected officials — elected with the support of the Warren County Republican Committee and all of whom signed the same pledge when they were candidates — to support all of our Republican nominees.

Stephen F. Kurtz, Warren County Republican Committee Chairman