Letter to the Editor: April Moore: Incorruptible, conscientious

My friend April Moore is a retired teacher and a grandmother, and she is a candidate for the 26th District of the Virginia Senate.  She is worried about the sort of nation that her grandchildren will inherit, unless we do something about it.  In her opinion, every patriotic American should be worried about the bribery and corruption in our government, and, thanks to Citizens United,  the outrageous price of holding public office.  April Moore used the term “auction.”  She is right!
If our current means of choosing a president of the United States had been in effect at that time, we would not have had a President Harry Truman, or Abraham Lincoln, or John Adams.  Think about it!
If she wins the election in November, there will be at least one totally incorruptible, very conscientious and hard working peoples’ representative in government, and she hopes this will be an inspiration to others in government.
My prayers go with her.
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal