Letter to the Editor: Board needs to take action on overcrowding


Your article, “Board Deliberates on School Problems” on April 25 discredits the accomplishments of the Shenandoah County School District’s SPACE committee, instead of placing responsibility for lack of action with the School Board. The committee studied overcrowding and concluded in January that “…something needs to be done now.” However, to say that “…nobody really knows how to make that happen…” is not true.

The School Board and school administrators have been complaining for several years about overcrowding. Instead of taking corrective action with standard methods and existing resources, they held out for new schools that would cost taxpayers $50 million or more.

Faced with the reality that new schools are probably not in the near future, they formed the SPACE committee to look at overcrowding. As a member of the committee, I believe we accomplished exactly what we were asked to do. We produced an extensive, viable list of short-term proposals. Now it is the board’s job to consider the alternatives and take action, sooner than later.

The article highlights the inability of the School Board to make decisions. The administration and board have had access to our proposals since January. Now, at the end of April, they say they don’t want to rush and won’t make a decision to cause change before 2016. Apparently overcrowding isn’t that urgent to them.

We elect School Board members to make decisions. Apparently the current board cannot. Three of the board members’ terms expire this year. They should be replaced.

Fred Hughes, Woodstock