Letter to the Editor: Community may want to help at cemetery


This past Saturday I took flowers to my father’s gravesite and was surprised at how high the grass was in Prospect Hill Cemetery. I spoke to a longtime employee of the Cemetery Association and asked if he had any help. He said he and one other person try and keep everything cut and looking nice.

I’ve watched this employee over the years and know he does a good job and works hard. In the spring it is hard to keep up with grass and in the fall, too, with all the leaves. I know they cannot cut on rainy days or when funerals are being held out of respect for the grieving families.

I asked him if I could help and he said I wasn’t allowed to by the Cemetery Association. I left, went home and got my mower and returned anyway for several hours and also on Sunday, and can attest that pushing a mower on the side of a hill in hot weather is hard work.

My question to whoever is on the Cemetery Association … Why not ask the community for a “Day of Caring” in the spring and fall each year? I’m sure any Saturday or Sunday afternoon many people would be willing to help get the gravesites looking better. Maybe a civic club would be willing to donate a mulching mower with front wheel drive. Mulching mowers would help keep grass from looking like a hay field and would crunch leaves in the fall.

Hopefully, the members of the Cemetery Board will respond and allow the community to help.

James A. Harper, Front Royal