Letter to the Editor: Cutting funding won’t help economic development


Front Royal Councilman John Connolly had an election platform on economic development. He wanted more jobs created with living wages to encourage our educated young people to come home for a career.

The May 26 session of Town Council found Mr. Connolly advancing a motion to cut three budget lines that involved a position being worked out by the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission, and two other funds that cover expenses either for a community development hire or a smaller fund to help with expenses if the town participates in events to attract tourists and residents.

Is that living up to the platform he espoused in hopes of being elected? Couldn’t he have started or re-started the conversation on economic development by asking for it to be on the agenda instead of blaming the rest of council for not talking about it? The reward for this cut: he thought it could generate a tax cut from 13 cents back to 12 cents per $100 real estate assessment. Sweet, but how does that increase revenue to the town? Does he not see that taxes have to go up next year and again and again to compensate for the lack of increasing the revenue through economic development?

Linda J. Allen, Front Royal