Letter to the Editor: Everyone should wear a seatbelt


Very sad to read of another teen dying in an automobile accident.

Yes, it is sad. But it is also stupid. I get quite tired and upset with each report of  young people dying in an auto accident because they were not wearing a seatbelt. The saying “seatbelts save lives” is not a joke. It is very true.
I began driving in 1956. My first car was an Austin-Healy 100 sports car. The very first thing I did with that car was purchase a pair of aircraft type seat belts and install them in the car. Back then, cars did not come with seat belts installed. Every vehicle I have owned since then either came with seat belts installed or I installed them myself.
I can testify to the fact that seat belts do in fact save lives. In 1993 I was racing in a Datsun 240Z at Charlotte MotorSpeedway. I was involved in an accident on the track and my car was totaled. Because of the seatbelts and shoulder harness in the car, I was uninjured.
So I will say it again, with apologies to any parents I may upset, not using seatbelts is stupid, stupid, stupid. Wear them and you also may just live to be 76.
Bob Brookfield, Wardensvile