Letter to the Editor: Let the mega site firms go elsewhere


In response to the letter to the editor on April 28 by Kim Woodwell, executive director for Shenandoah Forum, I am in full agreement. It seems to me that the last thing we need in Shenandoah County is to spend monies in an attempt to compete “with thousands of other localities to attract new businesses.” After all, we have three mega sites that I know of sitting empty in the county after those businesses came, conquered, and left.

What I want to know is how much money has already been spent on preparing this new Mount Jackson site. New and large electric line poles have been installed, and houses torn down by the owner of the property at a price, according to the Northern Virginia Daily, of $50,000. Is a deal with some large corporation already in the hopper, but county citizens are not being told? It seems strange that such expense is taken on without some agreement being made.

The old adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” needs to be followed here. Diversity and choices in jobs and places of purchase will improve our economy, not some sole source which gives us no options.

Let us support our local businesses and leave the mega boys to go elsewhere. After all, the local operations come from our community and are proven good neighbors who help our quality of life.

Roger Barbee, Edinburg