Letter to the Editor: Packet listing gifts to teachers is shocking


Absolutely appalling!  W.W. Robinson Elementary sends home a Teacher Appreciation Week packet from the PTO encouraging gifts [gratuities] and it is disgusting in my opinion! Not only does this packet list school supplies, it also lists gift cards and the teacher’s favorite restaurants, places to shop and likes, such as coffee, candles, jewelry, books, movies.

My first reaction was shock and then of immediate anger as a lion protects her cubs.    Someone spent a very long time handwriting the names of every single teacher, including  library, music, art, technology, guidance and nurse. Where are the lunchroom staff and persons who clean up the atrocious messes?

I teach children in my church every week.  I tried to flip this packet around, listing names of the church volunteers who assist my two grandchildren in their growth and I could not make it work because with every stroke of my pen I could hear the answers these children would anxiously scream in delight of giving!   First and third graders have no limit on what they would want to do to show appreciation to others – they would want to send their teachers on a cruise vacation, the music teacher to the New York Philharmonic, the four PE teachers to a destination spa and wellness resort!  The children and I cannot easily agree with a Mother’s Day plan!

I am furious that this packet has entered my home delivered by young innocent children who are being used in the backlash of the School Board and officers who claim to have the children’s interest and education at heart.  This action widens the gap between those who have and have not within our community.  This action shows no concern what so ever in teaching and molding our students.  It screams of selfishness and entitlement.  I applaud the teachers who opted out, for they indeed are truly in the position their hearts and minds desire to be.

Rex A. Ingram, Maurertown