Letter to the Editor: Supervisors can’t govern with closed minds


Many of our supervisors recently accepted an invitation from Superintendent Jeremy Raley to tour our public schools and see first-hand the concerns SCPS administrators, teachers and staff members have lifted up in the recent public hearings on the county’s budget. However, two members of our Board of Supervisors choose, once again, not to take advantage of the school visits to educate themselves about essential programs and needs of our public schools.

Yes, public education systems require a large budget. Quality, long-lasting education is the result of quality schools, teachers, resources and community support. We should consider it a privilege to offer every child a quality education, an education that will empower them to live and compete in the world as they know it.

We no longer live in a world of chalk boards, and writing tablets and volumes of encyclopedias. We no longer hide our children with special needs in our homes or institutions away from society. Every child is entitled to a free and high quality education. One that will prepare him/her to transition from a young child into a well-educated productive member of society.

Some of our supervisors give the appearance of being unwilling to make themselves available to opportunities to listen to the voices of their constituents with open minds whether at Board of Supervisors’ meeting, a “town hall” meeting or at any other public setting. One would hope each supervisor would be willing to take every opportunity to go into our schools, to learn to our farmers’ concerns, be in dialog with our town government officials, to attend public events that showcase Shenandoah County’s diversity, and most of all, be willing to listen to all sides of an issue without judgement. It is our belief that one cannot fairly govern or make good decisions for their constituents by merely sitting behind a high table making decisions with what often appears to be closed minds.

Dee Hockman and Connie Fauber, Strasburg