Letter to the Editor: Support Berg for House of Delegates


I am hereby stating my public support of Dr. Mark Berg in his re-election bid to the House of Delegates for the 29th District.

I know Dr. Berg to be an indefatigable supporter of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, a hard campaigner for government oversight, incorruptible and God fearing. He has done his best to expose and limit the misuse of public funds and the imposition of unfunded federal statutes in the commonwealth.

Although criticized for an ill-perceived lack of effectiveness during his tenure, his critics ignore the fact that his proposals were never sent to subcommittee by the respective committee chairmen, and therefore, were never heard or voted on.

Believing that “all people should be treated fairly and equally under the law,” Dr. Berg voted against the liberal social agenda that would impose a “protected status” to certain groups of people. He also stood against civil asset forfeiture, in favor of school choice, against sexual abuse and in favor of privacy protections and public safety.

I strongly urge all those who love the Commonwealth of Virginia and the U.S. Constitution, and who support our God-given rights to life, freedom and property to cast your vote for Dr. Mark J. Berg for the House of Delegates of Virginia.

Dr. Iris L. Flores, Winchester