Letter to the editor: Thank police officers for their dedication


During this time commemorating Police Week, we should all thank the men and women in law enforcement for their dedication in the just cause defending the thin blue line that separates the rule of law from anarchy.
Unfortunately the  morally corrupt left wing hate America news media have been bashing these fine guys and gals over a few bad apples with incessant news clips of regrettable incidents.
It doesn’t help when you have President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder and their ilk fanning the flames of so-called racial injustice. Words and actions have consequences.
The latest FBI stats indicate a spike of 89 percent in the intentional murder of law enforcement personnel. Shame, shame, shame.
By the way, would you risk your life for $200  Probably not. Your average cop does it every day for a lot less.
Also, my hat is off to the Texas lawman who single-handedly neutralized two gunmen. Not a peep from this administration — their silence is deafening.
John J. Gwyer, Bentonville