Letter to the Editor: Chris Collins is a common-sense leader


Please vote for Chris Collins.  He grew up here and knows the importance of keeping taxes low to grow our local economy.  Chris did not live on a farm, but many of his James Wood High School classmates did, and he will listen to our farmers.  He will fight for common-sense education guidelines, not Common Core.  He will work with the local boards, councils and citizens to present their needs in Richmond.  I watched Chris as he worked on the Board of Supervisors.  He listens to residents and works to find solutions.

Currently, there are no other candidates on the November ballot, so June 9 is Election Day for the 29th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. All registered voters have the right to go to their polling place between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. to vote.

Why does it matter if you vote?  Two years ago, 81 votes were the difference between the two candidates in that primary, so every vote matters.

My idea of being politically active before meeting Chris meant going to the polls in November.  He has shown me how important it is to pay attention to what is going on in the world, both locally and nationally.  He was on the debate team in high school because he understood that good lawmakers need to be able to research, understand and discuss both sides of an issue.  He served as a volunteer firefighter and as a deputy sheriff.  Some may recognize him as a football referee, or from Lions Club, two other ways he has been active in the area.  On the Board of Supervisors, he would respond to his constituents’ concerns.

Chris wants to represent the 29th district because of his lifelong love for the area.  I hope you will see the value in having someone who has spent his life preparing to serve his community in public office by participating in activities that have helped him understand the complexities of government.  We need a common-sense leader who will respond to everyone in the 29th.  Please vote for my husband, Chris Collins.

Therese Collins, Winchester