Letter to the Editor: Don’t draw conclusions from brief encounter


I have been feeling perplexed since reading Mr. Barbee’s article of June 16 – “Money and schools in Shenandoah County”  –  and his putting a middle school agriculture teacher’s skill in the category of not being as good as needed.

First, since Mr. Barbee is a teacher, I am surprised that he does not realize that many different methods and techniques compose a teaching unit. The dog movie he mentioned expanded and reinforced material which had already been covered in class. I would say the movie was very sound educationally.

Second, Mr. Barbee writes his thoughts as if they are facts. I think that as an interested School Board candidate he would not imply instructional negativity based only on a brief encounter and no concept of what had preceded his encounter.

Third, I have been subbing for that agriculture teacher for six years, and he quite simply is an excellent teacher who cares deeply about his students. Mr. Barbee’s allusion to the teacher being inept upsets me greatly. I am a career teacher who can spot a winner, and this teacher is one.

So, Mr. Barbee, I do not know if I can vote for you for the School Board, and I hope you refine and improve your methods of drawing conclusions for our Shenandoah County Schools.

Stephanie Hofer, New Market