Letter to the Editor: Family hit by fire offers thanks to all who helped


We know this thank you is long overdue, but we would like to take this time to extend our dearest thank you for all the support we received during a most difficult time.  Words won’t be able to express our gratitude for all of the prayers, thoughts, help and encouragement offered to our family after our house fire.  So many individuals reached out to help us and they made a big difference  in our recovery process.  We are still amazed by how many jumped at the opportunity to drop off essentials, clothes, helped us move stuff,  generous financial support, lots of prayers, etc…

As a family, we are truly blessed to be part of this caring community!  Everything is still a little surreal to all of us as we are now adjusting to a new beautiful home built by my bother and his co-workers.  We are thoroughly enjoying our new dog Marley, but still misses Oreo, who we lost in the fire; and I guess, we always will miss him.

While this experience of a house fire will be etched as one of our children’s biggest memories, we are consoled by the fact that these incredible acts of kindness will likely be a much more vivid memory.  It has been important for them to see all the goodness in the world.

It takes a lot of time and effort to recover from such an event as this acknowledgement has taken some time to put together, but trust that we have seen every text, listened to every voicemail, read each email, read each post on Facebook, and treasured each of the beautiful cards that have been sent to us.  We are truly humbled by all.  We will never forget the incredible support everyone has given to us.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! The Stalbird Family

Ann Stalbird and the Stalbird family, Edinburg