Letter to the Editor: Groups recognize Del. Berg’s efforts


The supporters of Chris Collins are saying in their letters on these pages that Del. Mark Berg does nothing except read bills and vote “no.” He does not reach out to anyone except the tea party and pays no attention to anyone else.

This is contradicted by the scores he has received from several organizations on his voting record. They recognize his efforts are close to the original intention in the Constitution of what an elected representative should be. The results of Del. Berg’s votes benefit everyone, which obviously challenges the thinking of those who say he follows only his special interests and does nothing for others.

The following organizations recognize excellence in government and encourage it with generous praise for those who exhibit it.

  •  The Family Foundation is dedicated to strengthening families.  One hundred percent of Del.  Berg’s votes on bills specifically met the foundation’s mission.
  • Virginia Citizen Defense League is a grassroots organization dedicated to the fundamental right of all Virginians guaranteed by the Second Amendment. One hundred percent of Del. Berg’s votes met the league’s mission. The league also endorses Del. Berg for the June 9 primary.
  • National Association of Gun Rights holds the only “no compromise” position on the Second Amendment. Del. Berg has been endorsed for reelection.
  • Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s “Blue Print for Virginia” is a business plan for the commonwealth.
  • The Virginia Chamber of Commerce awarded Del. Berg a “Grade A” for his votes on bills that met the chamber’s objectives.
  • National Federation of Independent Businesses is the leading advocate for small business owners in the country.  Del. Berg is one of four Virginia delegates endorsed for reelection by the Virginia chapter.

The differences in these organizations’ missions and goals, as well as the methods used to accomplish them, is another indication of Del. Berg’s diverse interests and the appreciation these groups have for the continued adherence to his personal integrity. He continues to be the sound choice for thinking voters on June 9.

Tracy Collier, Fredrick County