Letter to the Editor: Help fight for healthy democracy, healthy Earth

Most of us, when we think of climate change, we think of tornados and snowstorms and flooding rivers.  When April Moore thinks of climate change, she thinks of her lovely grandchildren and what will be the condition of our planet when they take over.  Will we be giving them sparkling waters and clear skies, or will it be smog and pollution in our atmosphere with dirty water in our lakes and rivers feeding into an ocean where the fish are dying?
April Moore, a candidate for the Virginia State Senate seat in the 26th District, stands with Pope Francis and the golden rule.  Of course we all know what the golden rule stands for.  Unfortunately, Virginia seems to be headed in the opposite direction at this time.  For example:  We rank 47th out of 50 for government integrity and got an “F” for corruption risk from the nonprofit Center for Public Integrity.
Witness the activity in Richmond.
Please help April Moore fight for a healthy democracy and a healthy Earth for all our grandchildren everywhere.  If elected she promises:
• To work for political reform and to stop this disgraceful auction of our government to the big money interests.
• To work for ethics reform and a trustworthy government
• To work for peace and safety in our homes and workplaces and streets.
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal