Letter to the Editor: It’s refreshing to see more positive news


I wish to commend you for your front page articles in your paper dated May 23. I’m talking about the article on George Bowers and his mission to help the homeless as well as the flag display on the Long property. The entire front page was indeed positive. It is refreshing to see this instead of all the negative things that dominate our society mostly focusing on politics.

I am not suggesting we stick our head in the sand and ignore what is going on around us but we have to stay focused on the only things we have to hold on to and that is Jesus. On our visit to Texas just a few days ago, my wife and I rode by the little town of Van, Texas, that was almost totally destroyed by a tornado. It was then that I realized just how fragile life is and how we are at the mercy of our creator. In the blink of an eye, we can lose everything we have, including our loved ones and maybe our own life, but we can have that eternal hope, it’s our choice.

I remember having a conversation with a reporter several years ago about printing more positive news and his reply was “Good news does not sell.” I beg to differ, but again, I know nothing about the newspaper business.

Another amazing sight to see was the motorcycles headed to D.C. this past weekend, which is another ray of hope. There are lots of good things going on if we look for them, but the enemy comes to rob and steal our happiness. Again it is our choice.

I am not so blind that I can’t see that pain is a part of life and that we will suffer at some point if we live longer than next week but to our great comforter for strength. Thank you again and do it more often.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg