Letter to the Editor: Nominee thanks his supporters


I want to thank Del. Mark Berg and his family for his service to our community and the sacrifices made to represent our district. I am sure that he will continue to fight for those issues he holds near and dear to his heart going forward.

I am very excited to be the Republican nominee for the 29th House of Delegates and look forward to campaigning for the seat in November and beyond. I hope that I will prove to those who did not support me that I am capable of not only doing the job, but doing it well. I know, from growing up here, that this victory will be short lived if I do not step up and represent our area well.

To each and every voter who turned out, I thank them for exercising their rights. To those who voted for me, I thank them and I hope to make them proud of their vote. To those who did not vote for me, I hope that they will keep an open mind and allow me to prove I can do this job and do it well. To everyone who volunteered in my campaign and gave me guidance, especially my wife Therese and son Noah, my parents, Verne and Charlotte Collins, Stephen Walsh, Rachel Beth, Nathan Taylor, Jenelle and Chelsea, Todd Golding, Dennis Fusaro, Bob Hess, Bob Wells, and Gary Lofton I thank you. There are far too many others to list in this letter, all of the people going out and getting voters to the polls, spreading my message door to door, making calls, and giving me the financial assistance I needed to make this happen.

I look forward to serving the voters of the 29th and hope that I will make them proud of their vote and ensure that I am the representative they hope I can be.

Christopher E. Collins, Republican nominee for the 29th House of Delegates