Letter to the Editor: Obenshain needs to elaborate on charges


The voters of our district deserve a more responsible answer than they’re getting from Mark Obenshain to the charges that his opponent, April Moore, has made.

Again and again, in his fundraising emails, Mr. Obenshain dismisses these charges as “baseless.” But he never responds to their substance, or even acknowledges what Ms. Moore is saying.

How about answering just this one?

April Moore has charged that Mr. Obenshain has been serving Dominion Power at the expense of his constituents. In particular, Ms. Moore says, in the past two years Mr. Obenshain has supported two laws that unfairly enrich Dominion by hundreds of millions of dollars that rightly belong to average Virginians.

It won’t do for Mr. Obenshain to just dismiss such charges as “baseless.” He owes it to us citizens to prove his case.

Gary Harshman, Broadway