Letter to the Editor: Seniors are paying share of school expenses


In response to Gayle Shaffer’s letter to the editor on June 6, titled “Seniors need to support schools.”

Seniors not wanting to pay taxes is a false statement and irresponsible.  Seniors are paying their taxes and therefore their share of school expenses.

The private sector and small businesses are paying their taxes and their share of school expenses, too.  However, because of the stagnate economy, they are not receiving pay increases or growing and adding jobs like the public sector.  This imbalance is unsustainable and must be confronted with common sense solutions!

A balance between the public and private sectors using good solid financial decision making must be put in place now in order to preserve our way of life for future generations.  The private sector and small businesses need a chance to grow.  Otherwise, we will continue to see businesses close and come and go.

Cindy Bailey, Woodstock