Letter to the Editor: Stop GOP auction of our government


I thoroughly enjoyed Andy Schmookler’s story in your May 21st edition, “How did hostility enter our politics?”

I have asked myself this same question many times, even writing down the possible replies, and then punching holes in them — as Andy has done. I suspect that every American patriot has done the same thing at some time. The big question is: who are the clever and powerful few who are planning to dominate the rest of us?

Obviously, most of the current crop of contestants who wish to be the 2016 Republican candidate for president of the United States have decided it is OK to be employees of that “clever and powerful few.” Well, their only tool is money, and votes cannot be sold. Our Civil Rights laws confirm this. So, let them sort themselves out. Then the true American patriots only need to defeat the one they choose.

Be a true American patriot. Stop this GOP auction of our government.

Gloria Rickel, Front Royal