Letter to the Editor: The U.S. does not need to practice austerity


A considerable number of members of Congress are discussing a financial concept that could spell financial disaster for the United States. It is called austerity.

To make sure I understood exactly what they were talking about, I searched a number of authoritative sources on the Internet for the exact meaning of the word. The official description says it is a very strict form of government that tries to curtail all forms of expenditures that will reduce the size of the government to the point where it is small enough that its income will be greater than its expenditures. This is accomplished by cutting funding to education, fire and police agencies and other programs that poor and middle class citizens depend on, such as Social Security, Medicare and pensions.

Our representatives apparently have not investigated the major financial disasters which have occurred in Europe as a result of practicing austerity. Greece was the first one to ruin its financial economy by adopting austerity. Greece was quickly followed by the following major countries for the same reason: Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Morocco, Great Britain, and in South America, Venezuela and Argentina

This should be evidence enough to convince them that austerity doesn’t work. Television and the newspapers are full of lists of people planning to run for president of the United States in 2016. If any of them extol the virtues of austerity, run the other way. We don’t need to damage our growing economy with a plan that has proven so disasterous to others.

Jack A. Rickel, Front Royal