Letter to the Editor: Vote for Chris Collins for delegate


Who is Chris Collins and why vote for him on June 9?

Chris Collins understands family. As a husband, and a father to an autistic child, he has a compassion for our most vulnerable citizens, people to whom we owe a duty of protection.

Chris Collins understands the law and individual freedoms in a way his opponent cannot. Chris has a unique perspective having both patrolled our community as a Frederick County deputy and now defending individuals accused of crimes, ensuring that their rights are protected as they account for their conduct, whether innocent or guilty, as a criminal defense attorney.

Chris Collins understands the importance of economic development for our community. He served for five years on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors and had to participate in the real-life struggle to balance a budget and provide services without overtaxing the citizenry.

Chris Collins is a small businessman. He runs both a law practice and is a partner in a small business in Creekside. He understands the challenges business owners face in today’s economy.

Chris Collins understands the pro-life issue better than most. Born to an unwed college student who decided to choose life, Chris was adopted into a loving home. Because of his own life experience, you can count on Chris to opt for life in any legislation which may come before the General Assembly.

Chris Collins understands the importance of negotiations. As an attorney, he has had to negotiate deals, whether with prosecutors or with other attorneys in civil law matters. He understands how to be polite, civil and accommodating, while driving a hard bargain on behalf of his client. He will bring his personality and negotiating skills to Richmond to get us the best deal in every situation.

Chris Collins understands what it is to represent all people, not just the special interests. He has experience doing so, more experience than his opponent.

Chris Collins knows how to get to yes rather than constantly saying no.

On June 9, say yes to Chris Collins for delegate in the 29th.

Peter W. Buchbauer, Winchester