Letter to the Editor: Vote for Dr. Ben Carson for president in 2016


I have some very good news — last weekend Dr. Ben Carson won the Southern Republican Leadership Conference GOP Presidential Straw Poll. He told the conference audience in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, what he tells audiences everywhere. This great nation was formed to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” It was never supposed to create a political governing class that controls more and more of our lives.

The media and the political class don’t know what to do with him, so they discount him by saying things like “Ben Carson has no political experience.”

For once they are right. Dr. Carson has never voted for a budget we could not afford … or voted to raise the debt limit … or voted to raise taxes.

It defies logic that the political class thinks those things are what America needs more of. To me, it’s foolishness.

Dr. Carson’s experience is different. He knows what it is like to be very poor. He knows what it is like to be told “you will never amount to much.” He knows what it is like to have a mother who refused to let him make excuses. In fact, his mother made him read his way through the Detroit Public Library and right into Yale.

Dr. Carson became a pediatric brain surgeon and spent his life caring for over 15,000 patients, many of them very sick children. Dr. Carson collected 67 honorary doctorate degrees. Time Magazine labeled him one of the top scientists in the world. President Bush gave him the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest award given to any civilian).

This country doesn’t need more politics. This country needs a “Citizen Statesmen” who will bring a revival of common sense and true patriotism.

This is a great country. And a great country deserves a great leader like Dr. Carson.

Please join me and stand with Dr. Ben Carson. He will lead us, and together we will heal, inspire, and revive this great nation.

Randy Gilbert, Mount Jackson