Letter to the Editor: Vote for Mark Berg on June 9


I have had the great opportunity to meet folks all over the 29th District at townhall meetings, community events and at front doors. People tell me our delegate, Mark Berg, is doing what he said he would, and they appreciate his dedication and passion. I would add, his honesty and integrity.

Mark is not your typical politician, but a citizen statesman who devotes full time work to a part time job. Because of his experience as a physician and small business owner,he understands how healthcare legislation impacts patients, doctors and businesses. Mark has earned respect from fellow legislators who know he does not oppose bills without good reason. His unceasing efforts to do the right thing may be challenged by some, but his honesty and integrity will not allow him to stay silent. That is why I am proud to be his wife of 29 years.

Mark’s freshman legislative experience has not always been easy, but
Ronald Reagan once said, “The future does not belong to the fainthearted, it belongs to the brave.” After carefully reading bills, Mark opposed those that were unconstitutional and imposed burdensome regulations on businesses, despite opposition from those who were unaware of unseen consequences.

One constituent recently stated, “Mark stopped Medicaid Expansion. What more could we expect from a freshman delegate?” In addition, Mark was proud to patron and support good legislation that promotes education choice, protects our privacy and student’s data, and defends children from sexual predators.

The decision to run again was not an easy one as the time and commitment to campaigning detracts from his dedicated work as delegate, husband and father. On the other hand, he knows there is much to be done to protect our faith and freedoms, as the commonwealth is constantly threatened by loss of liberty for which our forefathers fought so hard.

June 9 is quickly approaching and I hope you will mark your calendar to vote for Mark Berg — who  will continue to answer to the people; protect life, liberty, and family values; promote fiscal restraint; and defend our Constitutional rights.

Debbie Berg, Frederick County