Letter to the Editor: Warren voters have little power in delegates races


The letter to the editor in your June 13 issue, regarding only three voters in the Fork District at the Government Center Precinct for the Republican Primary for a Virginia Delegate, deserves a response.

As chairman for the Shenandoah District for the Warren County Republican Committee, I worked the whole day of the Republican Primary election. The confusion on the part of many voters and the waste of time and money is typical for elections for the Virginia House of Delegates.

The Government Center is the voting area for those voters who live in one precinct of the Fork District. There are only 86 registered voters in that precinct, counting Republicans, Democrats, and independents! Warren County should have known not to pay so many people to sit around all day waiting for those voters.

Warren County has been divided into three delegate districts, each of which has been further divided into small areas called precincts. Not all the precincts in one district vote for the same Virginia delegate candidate! I live in the east precinct of the Shenandoah District and voted for the delegate candidate living in Fauquier County. My neighbor down the street who lives in the west precinct voted for the delegate candidate who lives in Frederick County. Voters living in precincts in the southern or westerm parts of Warren County voted for a delegate candidate who lives in Shenandoah County.

Warren County voters have little effect or influence in any vote for any candidate running for the Virginia House of Delegates. All the candidates who will ever run for the House of Delegates elections will win or lose based on the large numbers of voters in the other counties. The candidates always will be residents of other counties where most voters live. Without being able to vote for a delegate who lives in Warren County, it is no wonder so few Warren County voters come out to vote. There will never be another Andy Guest or Clay Athey under this arrangement by the Virginia legislature!

Mary Kay Clark, Warren County