Letter to the Editor: Consider alternative power sources now, not in 20-30 years


I am presently on tour of several of the countries bordering the Baltic Sea.

In Norway, wind turbines are now providing 35-40 percent of the country’s electric power with a goal of 70 percent by 2020.

In Germany, we drove past mile after mile of wind turbines along the“big roads” and saw a huge number of homes on the “back roads” with solar panels on their roofs. Even the really old farmhouses had solar panels.

State Sen. Mark Obenshain wants Virginia to “consider” alternative energy sources in 20-30 years. By that time, the rest of the industrialized world will not be laughing at our lack of renewable energy initiative. Instead, they will be pitying us as we continue to pollute the atmosphere in the name of business.

April Moore will begin working on alternative power sources next year if we elect her to replace the bad vision of Mr. Obenshain.

Lee Jette, Maurertown