Letter to the Editor: ‘Far left’ not the ones attacking churches


Recently, Del. Todd Gilbert said: “My concern is that the ultimate goal of the far left is not to secure rights for gay individuals but to tear down religious institutions and the belief systems that support them…”

It’s an interesting statement.

First, it implies that “to secure rights for gay individuals” is a more acceptable goal than the evil “ultimate goal.” Not long ago, Gilbert described discrimination against LGBT people as a “specter of oppression that doesn’t exist.” How far the nation has come, with Gilbert reluctantly following, in understanding how ordinary and reasonable LGBT people’s goals are!

Second, he talks about a rather mysterious and vague “far left.” I don’t know of any Marxist or anarchist organizations that can somehow get legislation passed in Virginia.

This mythical “far left” is committed to “tear[ing] down religious institutions and the belief systems that support them.” Is he talking about the majority Christian Democratic Party? About the pro-LGBT United Church of Christ and Episcopal Church, both represented in his district? About the American Civil Liberties Union, which defends religious institutions at least as often as it sues them?

There is, of course, one group in U.S. society that is actually attacking religious institutions. These folks burn down churches, and their most extreme adherent went into a church and murdered worshippers in cold blood. If those are the folks he is talking about, though I wouldn’t call them “left”, they concern me too. I stand ready to work with him to combat their hateful ideology.

Larry Yates, Winchester