Letter to the Editor: Filing fees to run in primary are required by law


The news article written by Northern Virginia Daily reporter Alex Bridges and posted online on May 4 regarding money raised and spent by the political campaigns in Warren County deserves a response.

It was written that Tom Sayre reported his $250 filing fee paid to the Warren County Republican Committee to run in the Shenandoah District supervisor’s primary election. As chairman for the Shenandoah District for the Warren County Republican Committee, I know that the filing fee is a requirement to be paid to run in the Warren County Republican primary election. Ralph Rinaldi ran in the Republican primary election and lost but, as of this writing, he has not reported his $250 filing fee as an expenditure according to the Virginia Campaign Finance Act.

There are penalties to be assessed if not all of the information required is withheld and in the case of a willful violation, a candidate is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor!

The total estimated budget for Warren County’s fiscal year from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016 is $102,295,602. If Mr. Rinaldi cannot “figure out” that his filing fee is a campaign expenditure, then how is he going to handle an extremely detailed budget of over $100,000,000? If he “overlooked” itemizing his filing fee, what might he “overlook” among the details of the $102,295,602 Warren County Budget? Ouch!

Mary Kay Clark,
Shenandoah District Chairman,
Warren County Republican Committee