Letter to the Editor: Flag controversy is dividing nation again


As most Virginians have read in the news about the Confederate controversy, what good is it doing to our country? It’s dividing us again.

As “Stonewall” Jackson said after first Manassas, he would never forget the boys who died and our country should never forget them. Why now are the deceased soldiers under attack for the cause that they thought was right? Slavery is wrong! Why should our southern heritage be under attack? The Confederate flag (rebel) had nothing to do with the governments. It was the soldiers’ flag! The rally flag! U.S. flags are put on Union tombs, then Confederate soldiers should have the right to their flag, along with monuments that honor them.

These commentators who belittle southern soldiers really bother me and it should bother most Virginians and southerners as a whole. They are just trying to make a name for themselves at the expense of what happened 150 years ago. All the racists against the South just want to jump on this ignorant band wagon.

My great-grandfather was in the 7th Virginia Calvary and they most likely flew this Confederate flag. The rebel flag went to Europe during World War II, it went to Korea and even Vietnam! I was there and I saw it and black troops were with it. Nothing was said then, now it’s the main focus since that kid was charged with killing those folks in South Carolina. We also can’t leave out the policemen killing African Americans. Black lives do matter but to tear apart my southern heritage and other Virginian’s heritage is going too far with those folks. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is heritage not hate! The end of southern injustice toward our dead soldiers will never leave our bodies for some time to come.

What’s next, changing the name on the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial or even Washington, D.C., with their statues?

Daryl Hulvey, Mount Jackson