Letter to the Editor: It’s God’s move

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided that the biblical definition of marriage [one man and one woman] and the biblical purpose of marriage [to procreate] is no longer the acceptable standard in this country.

While I totally disagree with the court’s decision, I’m not surprised by it. What’s done is done. My concern now is on God’s response. In the Bible, whenever the nation of Israel continued to disregard God’s clear instructions on how they should live, eventually God withdrew his blessings, especially his hand of protection, and calamity followed. I understand those who say, but we live in the age of grace. But, no matter how many times we sing “Amazing Grace” nor who sings it, scripture is clear, the time of God’s grace will one day end.

Yes, the Supreme Court has spoken; now we wait for the Supreme God of the universe to respond.

Pastor Harold Wetzel, Valley Central Church

New Market, Va.