Letter to the Editor: Kudos to landowners along Route 638

Congratulations and thanks to the folks who live on Route 638 out of Strasburg on the clean condition of the area.
Our Kiwanis Club of Strasburg was assigned, by the Virginia Department of Transportation, Route 638 ending at Back Road, No. 623, as part of their Adopt-a-Highway Program.
During our last clean up activity, we picked up only one bag of trash, and after taking out the recyclables, we ended up with only a bucket full of actual trash.
We notice the residents keep their property areas clean in front of their homes and mostly well mowed.  If only other Virginia landowners would follow this example!
Thank you residents of Route 638 in Shenandoah County for your effort in beautifying your part of the county.
Doug Butler, director
Kiwanis Club of Strasburg