Letter to the Editor: Lessons from lights


The Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage opened another door for the politics of division in America. The post victory hoopla was transformed overnight to an in-your-face reminder featuring the full breadth of our White House ablaze with rainbow colors representing the gay rights victory, a defiant reminder that the Supreme Court did rule in favor of the president and the gay community.

That brand of willful defiance was common when I was a youngster. Ten year olds are always eager to brag about their shiny new bicycle or a new sack of marbles to create envy among their peers but that sort of showboating seems inappropriate for an American president and his chief advisers. You would expect these alleged high profile leaders to humble themselves in the wake of victory rather than boast about their victory in defiance of those who see it another way.

In my opinion, the Fourth of July would have been a more appropriate occasion to light up the White House. Red, white, and blue lights would have been perfect to celebrate American Independence and our constitutional republic. This would have been a perfect way for the Obama administration to lead America in a celebration of Independence Day but I, for one, do not see a patriot in this president.

Here’s an idea. How about a very large manger scene on the White House lawn to celebrate Christmas this year and lots of lights to focus attention on that display? Certainly this would be more fitting than a lighted display to gloat about a Supreme Court ruling that divides American citizens. We should get back to the things that unite America and dispense with the childish in-your-face reminders. Just a thought.

Leroy Donald, Stephens City