Letter to the Editor: Overcrowding has impact on the county’s students


This is to express support for the general proposition set forth in the commentary by Dan Walsh that appeared July 8 in the Northern Virginia Daily.
The school children of Shenandoah County are the future. They deserve the best available opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and training which will permit them to compete when they reach adulthood. The school system has many dedicated and skilled teachers, but in order for them to be able to provide their students with the best education, they require the best facilities and tools available.
Having had the opportunity to tour the schools on the northern campus as well as W.W Robinson Elementary School and to have spoken with the principals or assistant principals as well as many of the teachers, I have been made aware of serious overcrowding, particularly in the two elementary schools.
The lunch period at the elementary schools starts for some at 10:30 and continues until 1:30. Those students who finish lunch at 1:30 are certainly hungry before they eat, and those who eat at 10:30 are probably hungry well before classes end for the day. It is doubtful that hungry children are able to learn at their full capacity.
Further, because of space limitations, in many instances classes must be held in areas that were obviously not designed to serve as classrooms, and, because of the layout at Sandy Hook, some teachers are unable to function at full efficiency.
In addition, as Mr. Walsh points out, the quality of the school system has a substantial impact upon economic development and the ability to those businesses that will provide quality high paying jobs and increase the county’s tax base.
Robert “Bob” Baker, Strasburg