Letter to the Editor: Stick to real issues when attacking GOP


In his July 11 Opinion page contribution, Andy Schmookler, incredibly, links slavery and the GOP by condemning apples and oranges —  by condemning uniform southern white antebellum views on slavery and uniform contemporary Republican views on current issues. Neither today’s Republicans nor white southern slavery  supporters of old, he complains, hold/held any “differing points of view!”

If one wants to attack Republicans, why not stick to real issues, rather than make  strained, nonsensical comparisons with antebellum Democrat Party supporters of slavery? I mean, the column might have called out  Republicans for their policies on lower taxes, smaller government, controls on illegal aliens, promotion of the private economy and employment, or on maintaining a robust foreign policy and national defense.

If the existence of “differing points of view” is the writer’s criterion, I’ve not noticed such differences of opinion within the Democratic Party; on the contrary, I bet any Democrat who challenges, say, free flow immigration, climate change, larger government or more taxes would be read out of the organization.

And how he hammers “white southerners” for not opposing slavery in those antebellum days “when  it mattered.” That’s more important, I guess, than how the living feel today.  Question: why bring up such themes in 2015?  Why try to  fasten the perceived sins of fathers upon great-, great-, great-grandchildren?  In fact,  Schmookler is still waving the same “bloody shirt” once waved by Reconstruction radicals  to hammer the South.  He can’t seem to let go of it!

Life long, I have hoped and believed that we are all good Americans. But Schmookler pulls away from this with such pointless, yet alienating and divisive writings about slavery and race.  Of course, there may be a strategy here to win him support in the 2016  6th District congressional election.  If true, I would recommend that he finds a new campaign manager!

Richard Hoover, Warren County