Letter to the Editor: Virginia can use solar power now

I am a naturalized American citizen, and sometimes we immigrants see things a little differently.  You’ll have to forgive us!  Case in point:  As I understand it, state Sen. Mark Obenshain has said that solar energy may be viable in Virginia in 20 or 30 years.
Well, Barbados is a small island nation that has boot-strapped itself to prosperity by actively growing its middle class. Tourism is its major industry. There are lots of beautiful hotels and other facilities and a variety of magnificent sports.  It is a small country and almost everything is imported — food, fuel, clothing, furniture, automobiles, all imported.
The majority of residences did not have hot water.  Barbados has a mildly warm climate and hot water was a luxury that private homes did not really require.  Of course, all the tourists had all the hot water they ever wanted.
Then solar came to Barbados!  Today, almost every private home has hot water.  From the smallest apartment to the most magnificent mansion, every faucet or shower runs hot water and cold water, just like here in the United States.  How much additional fuel do they import to run the  generators to provide energy to heat water?  None! Zero!  Zilch!
Now, what was this about solar being effective in 20 or 30 years from now?  April Moore, a candidate for state state senator in the 26th district,  wants to move Virginia into the 21st century now.
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal