Letter to the Editor: Where is strength in choosing death?


Gene Rigelon writes in a letter to the editor on May 18 that “I see a bright future ahead.” This shows vividly the error in the thinking of atheists/humanists. I ask; what future? Is death a future?

Death is exactly, however, what awaits mankind apart from God! Death dictates that everything as to who you are [living, family, friends, accomplishments, memories, aspirations and experiences] cease to be!

Also, what people are and what they possess will be lost to them! Therefore, the “future” he speaks of, and the speech that Tristan Higgins made can be described only in terms of being meaningless, futile, worthless, counting for nothing, despair, and as the scriptures say; to utterly perish! So why the back-slapping, party-going mentality apparent in the atheist/humanist community? It’s like they’re deliriously happy they’re going to die. It’s like saying “I’m a victim; I didn’t ask to be born, but happily I know I will die and get this existence over with.  In the meantime, however, I’ll help my fellow man bear up under the strain of this victimization.”

But no, Christians don’t ridicule nor think of them as insane or ignorant, and certainly don’t want to deny them any rights. But really, where is the “strength” and “courage” in choosing death instead of life? God asked: “why would you die?” Jesus showed there is life beyond death by raising to life a man who had been dead three days, and later raised himself from the dead!

Tristan also spoke of being a “beacon of light,” but there is only complete and total darkness in death. And speaking of the dogma of “first century mentality,” yes, Christians have it, for we try to be obedient to Jesus’ commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. So, in reality, Jesus is that beacon of light that shines through us. Consequently, instead of hating, we love and pray that all will see that light – Jesus Christ! In summary: spiritual death is awareness during eternal separation from God and life!

Choose Jesus – choose eternal life for a real and glorious future!

Jessie Shifflett, Front Royal