Letter to the Editor: Which ‘clown’ will I vote for?


I have been watching the commentators of the television news media saying the “clown car” is arriving – referring to Republican candidates Donald Trump, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal. Hillary Clinton – she too, is a clown – trying to portray that she is interested in the middle class. Bernie Sanders – does he really think he can be elected president?

I look at Congress. Congress is full of clowns. Real clowns. When I was young, my parents took me to see Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. Remember the late Emmet Kelley – the most famous clown perhaps of all time? Watch the expressions of John Boehner – he reminds me of Emmet Kelley.

Several years ago, I saw the musical “A Little Night Music” – and a song from that play comes to mind: “Send in the clowns” – don’t bother, they’re here.

Move over Ringling Brothers. “The Greatest Show on Earth” is no longer under a giant tent. It is beneath the U.S. Capitol dome.

Will I vote in 2016? Yes, it’s my civic duty to do so. Will I vote Republican, Democrat, or independent? Does my vote matter when the White House is up for auction? Probably not, but I will vote. I will probably vote for the clown who makes me laugh the most. Right now,  it is a toss up.

Robert Rinehimer, New Market