Letter to the Editor: GOP’s hatred of Obama poses danger to world


Republicans in Congress increasingly frighten me. Their overriding governing principle for the last 6 1/2 years has been to defeat anything President Obama supports.

Now, they oppose a major move to remove the potential for nuclear weapons from the arsenal of a country that has supported terrorism. This is not because they have read and given thoughtful consideration to the Iran nuclear yreaty. Instead they have been given their talking points — to demonize the treaty and all who support it.

Could it be that their hatred of Obama trumps their concern for the safety of the world from nuclear apocalypse? I fear that it does. Perhaps the solution begins at the local level — assuring that these values are not allowed to move forward.

We must begin now. April Moore is a state Senate candidate of District 26 who speaks for herself, not from talking points provided to her.

Laura Crites,  Basye