Letter to the Editor: Koch brothers busy spending money on elections

“Koch cites civil rights fight as model for his group.” Headline great!  I was delighted as I read the story.  The Koch brothers plan to spend $889 million promoting the very same things that April Moore is advocating in her campaign for state senator from the 26th District of Virginia.
Headline not so great on second reading!  Here are some examples:  They say they will be spending money on issues of civil rights, higher education grants and political advocacy.  OK, but what issues?  Grants to which colleges and universities and what subject matter to be covered?  Based on  experience, I think we can make a pretty good guess at the political activity to be covered.
They say they plan to do a better job understanding what matters most to people, and to demonstrate that a free society gives them the best opportunity.  Sounds great, but I do not see any reference to inequalities of opportunity, or education, and how to overcome these inequalities.  Must poor people always remain poor?
Americans For Prosperity is mentioned, as is Freedom Partners.  Both are right wing organizations working for higher corporate profits and lower costs, taxes and wages.  Great for building capital for their investors, but not doing much to eliminate inequality, poverty and homelessness.
Obviously, the Koch Brothers are not going to give away $889 million.  What they plan is to spend a lot of money at election time, and spend it in ways that will increase their profits and tighten their hold on our economy.  The story ends with a quote attributed to Donald Trump referring to the other Republican candidates for president who are asking the Koch brothers for campaign donations a  “puppets.”
April Moore is correct.  It is up to us to recapture our birthright, the nation created by the Founding Fathers.
Gloria Rickel, Front Royal