Letter to the Editor: Lawsuit is latest attempt to overturn voter ID law


The recent lawsuit challenging Virginia’s voter ID law, sponsored by Mark Obenshain in 2013, is the latest attempt by liberal activists to circumvent the intent of the General Assembly and overturn a law that was seamlessly enacted.

Voter fraud is a serious concern throughout the country, and the left’s attempt to sabotage efforts that strengthen the integrity of our electoral process is shameful.

In 2013, a report came out showing that over 6,000 deceased individuals were registered to vote in one New York county alone, and more alarmingly 270 of them voted after their deaths. This is clear fraud, and it happens all across the country.

I applaud Sen. Mark Obenshain for his efforts in 2013 and strongly believe that protecting the integrity of our electoral process is a core function of state and local governments. The law went into effect during last year’s elections, and the data shows that the fears of widespread voter disenfranchisement were unfounded.

I hope that the left’s latest attempt to overturn a commonsense law for political gain doesn’t find any sympathy in an increasingly activist court system.

Dominic J. Repici, Front Royal