Letter to the Editor: Moore’s message needs to be more consistent


Democratic Senate candidate April Moore is making a lot of noise about “money in politics.” As part of her message, she often lambasts Dominion Power for its influence, particularly one bill that was signed by the governor earlier this year. The bill freezes utility rates, and it passed both the Senate and House by large, bipartisan majorities.

If Ms. Moore is going to make this message the focus of her campaign, she needs to be consistent. But she’s not. For example, the only state senator to donate to her campaign, to this point, is Sen. Barbara Favola, a liberal from Northern Virginia.

Ironically, Favola voted in favor of the very bill that Ms. Moore likes to single out. Apparently, her friends get a free pass so she can reap the benefits of their campaign contributions. “Money in politics” doesn’t sound so bad when you’re on the receiving end!

David & Evelyn Kerr, Castleton