Letter to the Editor: National parks in disarray is disgraceful


I was quite pleased, and at the same time angered, to read columnist Jim Hightower’s comments regarding our national parks. Pleased because he said what needed to be said. Angered because of the need to speak as he did.

In many ways this country has been going to hell in a handbasket since the end of World War II. Corporations have been getting bigger, which makes me wonder about what I was taught in eighth grade about trusts. That was during the Eisenhower years at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And, on leaving office in 1960, he made a speech in which he warned of “the military industrial complex.”His warnings have been ignored ever since. Military spending has gotten to astronomical heights, and the major benefactors have been the contractors not the troops.
That our national parks are in such disarray is disgraceful. Was Teddy Roosevelt wrong to start the National Park System and Service?  I don’t think so. Had he not taken action, you would by now see nothing of Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and others in the system. Those lands would have wound up in private hands and “developed.”
The last straw on the camel’s back was when five of the nine wise old men and women decided that corporations were people, too. We the people no longer run this country. It is basically being run by no more than a dozen humongous corporations that donate huge sums to politicians who end up doing their bidding.

The old saying was “money talks, nobody walks.” Now it should be “money talks and gets whatever it wants and the devil with the common man.”

Bob Brookfield, Wardensville, West Virginia