Letter to the Editor: Our birthright from founders is freedom


Gloria Rickel’s letter published on July 31 was quite interesting.  She tries to link socialism, which she states, “attempts to look after people, even though we might not like the limited choices,” and “our birthright that was handed down by the Founding Fathers.”  Perhaps she doesn’t know socialism was tried and failed in Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, in the 1620s.

The colony’s charter included instructions that embraced the idea of communal property.  The result was disastrous.  Only after the company started promoting individual responsibility allowing the colonists to profit from their labors did the settlement begin to prosper.

Our birthright from our Founding Fathers is freedom.  Socialism tries to regulate outcomes and, as Ms. Rickel observed, offers limited choices.  Freedom offers us the opportunity to succeed without limits and puts controls on government interfering with that opportunity.

Bette R. Conley, Front Royal