Letter to the Editor: Republican Party’s war on women is real


It’s confirmed, thanks to Donald Trump, and the lack of response to Trump from presidential hopefuls. The Republican war on women is real and we can find it here in the Shenandoah Valley.

There is no need to repeat the comment about women Trump made on his debate night or on a subsequent CNN interview. Other presidential candidates are in his camp in their disregard for women and their rights.

Both Scott Walker and Marco Rubio would ban abortion under all circumstances, including rape, incest and to save the life of the mother.  (Eighty-four percent of Americans disagree with this stand.)

Here at home, Republican Sen. Mark Obenshain sponsored legislation requiring that women report a miscarriage to the police or face a year in prison.  Why are so many men so actively engaged in trying to control women’s bodies? Pick your answer.

It’s time for a woman candidate who supports women’s reproductive rights and opposes governmental interference with those rights, including evasive medical procedures. April Moore, running for state Senate, is such a person.

Laura Crites, Basye