Letter to the Editor: We need more millennials participating in government


After watching video regarding the vote on the county’s offer to the town for revenue sharing , it was encouraging on a level not related to the outcome of the vote. The vote to pass the offer was clearly not to the long term benefit of the town’s citizens. It was also in violation of the town water code policy, which begs to ask the question of why was it not delayed?

The highlight from a different perspective was the debate between our newly elected millennial council person and the other so-called seasoned political veterans.

The millennial generation (18-35 year olds ) is larger than retiring baby boomers. We are beginning to see the greatest transfer of wealth and power in world history as these millennials start to take over. What will be interesting is to watch how creative they will be in solving problems baby boomers are leaving behind. When you read all the press on this generation, one might get somewhat concerned about their ability to lead. After watching this last council meeting and how millennial council person Bébhinn C. Egger handled the issue, I’m feeling good and excited about our future. I don’t know what happened to the other millennial on  council taking the position he did. It’s easy to see that Egger did homework on the issue, prepared and pointed out the possible land mines that the other more seasoned council members missed or were told not to support by outside influences.

It was also nice to see council person Bret Hrbek contributing his support in outlining  facts and concerns about passing the proposal.

Even though the outcome of this issue was not positive and shows the lack of research by other council members, it is encouraging to think of the possibilities of the next election attracting several more of these dynamic millennials choosing to get involved and run for office. Think about how exciting it would be in old FroRo and the possibilities of good things happening to help our community adjust to our rapidly changing world with more young people like Egger involved.

J. Michael Graham, Front Royal