Letter to the Editor: Council should reopen talks on revenue sharing


I have recently started following activities of the town and  have been surprised by the decision process that some of our elected officials have shown as they address critical issues. I have lived in this community for over 35 years and started a local business in 1992, and have seen elected officials come and go over the years.

I felt the need, however, to express my concerns at this time as it relates to the way the current majority of council has handled the county’s offer on the revenue sharing of 522. Watching the meeting, it appears that the county’s offer is not suitable or fair to the town. I think there are too many questions that should have been answered before the council vote. I observed that several of the elected officials never really gave a good explanation of why they voted in favor of the agreement. I heard justification that ranged from fulfilling election promises to several expressing they were just tired of dealing with this issue. The vice mayor did not even give an explanation of why he supported this agreement.

There was a statement from Councilperson Bébhinn Egger that the agreement violated the town’s water and sewer policy and that seemed to be completely ignored by the majority of  council. Troubling is the county’s ability to walk away from the agreement canceling all payments to the town at any time. It seemed unfair that the town must continue to provide water to the area without revenue if the county cancels the agreement, even after town citizens pay for the building of the water-sewer system.

I am confused about why the majority of council would not support having a public hearing or getting an opinion from the state Attorney General’s Office to clarify any confusion regarding the water policy. When you add all of these factors together, it appears that something else is going on here that is overriding the common sense solution to the problem. The council should reopen the discussion and revisit its decision on the issue to work for a better long-term solution for town taxpayers like myself.

Betty McIlwee Showers, Front Royal