Letter to the Editor: Councilmen show disrespect to Front Royal citizens


After following the last several meetings of the Front Royal Town Council, it is very troubling to hear the facts surrounding the agreement for revenue sharing offered by the county to the town, resulting in its eventual passing without regards to the facts by the council.In a blatant show of disregard and disrespect for the citizens of Front Royal, and an act of political arrogance, four members of the council — Hollis Tharpe, Daryl Funk, John Connelly and Eugene Tewalt — refused to hold a public hearing on a matter that may well decide the fate of the town — that being the 522 water/sewer agreement with Warren County.

Not only that, but they completely ignored the town’s own policy regarding extending water outside the town’s limits — this policy that at least three councilmen and the mayor have whole heartedly supported in the past at public hearings and officially passing it into town policy.

This is a public change that requires a public hearing to overturn.

Politicians who have little or no respect for their citizens and their right to be heard on crucial matters concerning the town do not  deserve to be in positions of leadership. Decisions of this magnitude require the insight of all and not just the politically connected.

It is my hope that the council will reconsider their actions. Hold a public hearing on these two matters. Let the public be heard. Council, stop and listen to the citizens of Front Royal.

Debra Siksay, Front Royal