Letter to the Editor: Failure to listen to citizens harms county


A portion of a letter written to this publication recently stated that “Politicians who have little or no respect for their citizens and their right to be heard on crucial matters concerning the town do not deserve to be in positions of leadership.”

How true! One can substitute “town” with county, city, state or nation and still have an equally accurate statement. The failure of some local politicians here in Shenandoah County to listen to their constituent’s opinions on matters of spending, especially those regarding spending of great magnitude (buildings) over the last decade have severely handicapped the ability of our county departments to receive adequate funding, schools being no exception.

Tens of millions of dollars that must now be repaid over several decades for these unnecessary and unwanted projects would have gone a long way toward school funding, etc. A proper perspective of tax revenue in regard to it’s suitable usage is a critical component to the effectiveness of any successful public official (supervisor), and to the overall welfare and prosperity of the people within his/her jurisdiction. Sadly, to the detriment of the good people of Shenandoah County, this perspective among certain officials is severely lacking.

On a more auspicious note, Nov. 3 is rapidly approaching and so is the opportunity to correct these deficiencies.

Mike Wakeman, Edinburg